How to supercharge your personas to create products that drive results

Personas are a vital tool in the design process to humanize a user or customer. They help product teams move away from building for themselves, or worse, an anecdotal customer/nephew/friend/acquaintance of your manager.

Often a personas deliverable is underutilized: a tool for the designer that barely resonates with the rest of the team, and is quickly forgotten by stakeholders in the broader business. I have seen firsthand that this is a problem for a project.

The danger of personas getting lost in the design process is that there is no agreed-upon foundation to guide future feature and functionality decisions. A product can quickly unravel from customer-centric to everything-cool-we-can-fit-in.

This article will show you how to upgrade your personas from just a model of your user to a blueprint for your product within the context of a larger business purpose. This extra layer of information is crucial to speaking the business’s language to people outside of the product team and providing a guiding light to those on the product team.

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