Allianz – Insurance product and B2B system redesign



As part of a broader growth strategy, my insurance company client was redefining their existing portfolio of products to reach a larger audience. They wanted to involve their broker partners to inform the design of a new quoting system. My objective was to gather an understanding  of brokers’ commercial and lifestyle farm policy quoting approaches in order to surface opportunities for growing rural and farm business  insurance products.


  • Current state review of quoting system to be replaced, business requirements and indicative mock ups of proposed system.
  • In-depth contextual interviews with rural insurance brokers to gain insights on quoting processes, competitive landscape, market needs and farm customer behaviours.
  • Prototype development based on findings and user recommendations.
  • In-depth usability interviews with same and additional brokers to test effectiveness of design through using the clickable prototype.
  • Stakeholder workshop to present contextual and usability results, high level product and market insights.

Findings and Recommendations Report

Select pages from the report presented to the project team and larger stakeholders


Invaluable voice-of-the-customer feedback gave the client a key perspective on the nuances of farm insurance products, informing the development of the interface and system for quoting.

My and my team’s clear understanding of the business objectives and revenue impacts of the product helped to frame the customer research report. The result was actionable design features that would contribute to brokers quoting more farm policies, and increased ROI for the client as they built the new system.