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Business-focused User Personas Template and Google Slides Presentation (with Free Consultation!)

Create personas that matter! Elevate your personas from a UX deliverable that only you can nerd out with, to a crucial business tool that gets the whole product team on the same page.

Having business-focused personas makes the prioritization of features crystal clear: everyone on the project knows what user behaviors are the most important to the business goals, and therefore the UX and development work can focus on the right areas.

Factors that influence UX

UX ecosystem diagram, useful for presentations to explain to stakeholders the full bredth of UX considerations. It also highlights that what many people think of as UX is really UI, and only a tiny piece of the picture (Usability & affordances).

I frequently use this as a slide to help define and guide research objectives.

Diagram of all UX considerations
Diagram of UX considerations: 1) Context – Community & networks, Device, Location, Emotional state, Trigger events, Situation & environment, Tools and systems. 2) Behavior – Trust & confidence, Mental models, Preferences, Perceived value, Direct influencers, Desirability, Physical & cognitive ability. 3) Product – Content & messaging, Delivery & support, Usability & affordances

Accessbility UX Checklist

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