Mastercard – Immersive Experience Design


Mastercard enlisted my help as part of a team at an agency called Imagination to build an immersive experience within their corporate offices to showcase their products, services, and technology solutions for their customers. 


In order to guide the design, I had to understand a range of users: the primary users of the experience were sales account managers, and they would be leading business leaders though the experience, who would be interested in how the solutions would deliver for their customers. I spent time researching each of these user dimensions to guide my designs.
I then worked with the MasterCard team to design the information architecture of their solutions content to create a multi-screen interactive presentation that could be linear or ad hoc, guided, or self-directed. 
I then designed wireframes for a table-sized touchscreen, and ultra-wide display that would wrap up to 180 degrees around the room, and handheld tablets to support the experience. I worked with UI and motion designers, along with a creative director, to bring the experience to life. 


Mastercard built the Mastercard Experience Center that I helped design in their corporate office in New York then Singapore, with plans to roll it out to other locations over the next two years. The tabletop display, the widescreen around the room, along with content on virtual reality headsets and demo devices around the room provided Mastercard account managers a memorable destination for their clients to touch and feel the product, services, and brand experience they could expect when working with Mastercard. 

Mastercard Experience Center from Mastercard APAC on Vimeo.