BT Financial Group – Strategy and design for financial professionals resources website


As a UX Lead at BT in a contract role, I was tasked with designing a new public site for a professional audience, including BT advisors, independent advisers, accountants, and BT business development teams. The main goals of the project were improving usability for professionals, and to migrate outdated content from a variety of sources to Adobe Experience Manager: a single platform that can grow with the marketing teams’ needs for content and campaigns.


  • Lead quantitative research interviews with internal and external stakeholders and target user groups.
  • Worked with the UX manager and a producer do a current state analysis to review and migrate content from six unsupported sites.
  • Competitor analysis of direct and indirect, local and global financial services providers.
  • Designed sitemap and information architecture, and tested it with stakeholders. This proved to be the biggest challenge of the project, as many stakeholders and professionals attach different meaning to financial and industry terms.
  • Edited and wrote copy for complex navigation, services, products, and informational content, with reference to user needs as discovered in research
  • Reduced the content by over 50%, removing content that professionals regarded as too simplistic and was damaging the BT brand.
  • Developed wireframes for page templates at each site level.
  • Built pages in their content management system, Adobe Experience Manager.


Working with my team, we were able to build the site with clear navigation and user experience. Initial reviews with customers were received positively, and the marketing team has a single, flexible site to hold content for upcoming campaigns that can be launched without IT involvment.

See the completed site here: